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Think You Can Avoid A Catastrophic Data Breach?

Melissa Stevens | November 5, 2015

A sad truth about vendor risk management is that data breaches can—and will—happen to far too many companies. They are an unfortunate side effect of the digital world we live in today. But catastrophic data breaches are another story...

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As we highlighted in a recent blog post, a diverse range of companies utilize BitSight Security Ratings to manage cyber risk. Many of our customers are actively using these ratings to manage vendor risks, screen mergers and acquisition...

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by Ethan Geil and Nick Whalen

Every day, BitSight analyzes billions of security events. Not only do we collect billions of new events per day; we also regularly re-examine all of our historical data, to provide security ratings for new...

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Advisen Cyber Risk Conference 2015 Recap

Ben Fagan | October 29, 2015

BitSight attended the Advisen Cyber Risk Insights Conference in New York last week. This event brings together insurance underwriters, brokers and enterprise risk managers to attend panels on the growing cyber insurance industry and...

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In today’s cyber threat landscape, organizations must know how secure they are at any given time. One of the most important questions that security professionals and risk managers can ask is “how secure am I right now?”

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How A Diverse Range of Customers Use BitSight

Noah Simon | October 20, 2015

Cybersecurity has garnered the attention of executives and board members across the globe. Many boards are seeking security metrics to get a true understanding of how secure their company is, and how secure they are relative to industry...

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BitSight’s Annual BitSight Insights Industry Benchmarking Report looked at some of the major SSL vulnerabilities affecting organizations, including Heartbleed, POODLE and FREAK. BitSight’s analysis found that a sizeable number of companies...

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Last week, it was announced that LoopPay (now a Samsung subsidiary) was the victim of a data breach. LoopPay’s technology is apparently central to Samsung’s mobile payment system, yet Samsung said the breach has not affected the Samsung...

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BitSight’s Third Annual BitSight Insights Industry Benchmark Report: Are Energy and Utilities at Risk of a Major Breach? discussed the growing convergence of operational technologies (OT) and information technology (IT). In short, this...

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